Summer & Todd


The new animated series introducing children to nature and environmental sustainability with lighthearted and aspirational stories.

Summer & Todd Happy Farmers is Rainbow’s new animated show for preschoolers, 52 x 7′ CGI episodes that introduce children to the daily activities of a lovely farm full of animal friends with a unique style, experiencing lots of adventures while learning about the nature that surrounds them.

In a world where the youngest are increasingly distant from nature and surrounded by technology, Summer & Todd leads them on a journey to learn the processes and management of natural resources, telling the intense life of a farm and its inhabitants through funny and entertaining stories.

Anything is possible at Sunshine Farms!

There’s always a lot to do at Sunshine Farms! Summer and Todd know it well. Summer and Todd, the protagonists of hilarious adventures of the farm, are always ready to try their hand at new activities.

Summer is a lovely bunny coming from the city and brings a burst of enthusiasm. She is curious and loves taking care of everything and everyone. Todd the raccoon is the owner of the farm and a skilled inventor – he always builds something useful and original to save the day!

Together with Betty the sheep, Pico the bear and many other animal friends, Summer and Todd take care of all the farm activities from production through the way to sales at the market.

They are an unbeatable team united by friendship, altruism, and commitment, overcoming unexpected problems thanks to team spirit and optimism and always ending the day on a happy note and with a special dance!


Summer and Todd handle a lot of tasks, usually by hand, but when a task is challenging, they ask their animal friends for help. For tasks that are too hard or difficult they use machinery or vehicles instead.