He’s the delivery guy of the Marketplace. We often see him in the morning loading the pickup truck with boxes for the daily deliveries. He is a sport-addicted and that’s why he trains the other horses at the Horse Stables. […]

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She is the queen of the henhouse, a super motherly figure in the Farm but constantly stressed and . She is responsible of the Egg Stall at the Marketplace and in general of the egg production at the farm: collecting fresh eggs, hatching them, and raising chicks depend on her – a tough responsibility that […]

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Molly is in charge of the Milk Stall at the Marketplace and of the production of milk on the farm, leading the small group of cows from the stables to the pasture and all the way back for daily milking. She’s a motherly and calm farm friend, reassuring with all the animals. She also takes […]

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Pico is entrusted with an important task: he has to control the Vegetable Garden and all its crops. He is the right guy for this task as he is extremely passionate and caring about vegetables and plants but also super strong! He is the first one who tries to help Summer and Todd and thanks […]

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Betty is the sheep who manages the veggie stall at the market, where customers come to buy agricultural products. She is rather shy and adores Summer, who constantly encourages and helps her. Betty is a bit vain; she cares about her look and never misses an opportunity to pull out her comb and mirror. Betty […]

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Summer is a bunny. She is always enthusiastic, curious, and has a big sense of wonder. Whenever she discovers something new, or someone who needs help she leaps from place to place with her Bunny Hop – a super athletic move! She loves taking care of nature and helping others with her creative ideas – […]

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Todd is the attentive and responsible raccoon running Sunshine Farms. He is a skilled and experienced handyman, and he always comes up with an ingenious idea to repair or build something new using the materials he has and recycling older ones to create a useful and fancy invention with his tools. His gizmos are often […]

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